The Equusir BIOS Blanket for Use at Equi-Facility

Discover the benefits of the Equusir BIOS Blanket, specifically designed for use at Equi-Facility. This advanced blanket uniquely stimulates the natural balance within the horse's body through precise neurostimulation. By optimizing control over vital functions such as breathing, heartbeat, and muscle tension, the BIOS Blanket supports the horse at various performance levels.

Integrated within the blanket, the EQUUSIR BIOS SYSTEM not only supports the horse's nervous system but also stimulates lymph flow and improves blood circulation. This promotes both preventive and healing processes, essential for the horse's well-being and performance.

With six specially developed programs, the BIOS Blanket can be tailored to different needs throughout the day, without any side effects. Its user-friendly design ensures easy application, effectively contributing to your horse's well-being.

Discover how the Equusir BIOS Blanket at Equi-Facility can be a valuable addition to your horse's health and performance care. Contact us today for more information

Equusir Bios blankt on a horse